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For current residents

​and businesses.

AND for our grandkids.

24 Sept 2014 - 16 Oct 2014

College Area  & East Ventura Community Councils vote for water connection moratorium.

Click here to start. watching a film about the Good Stewards of Ventura, the city's current residents.

This two minute film won

the Ventura Vision Award

on March 24, 2016 at

Ventura's International

Short Film Contest..


6 June 2016

Ventura City Council adopts Net Zero Ordinance.

Achieving Real Sustainability

3 June 2015

West Ventura Community Council votes for water connection moratorium.

The Grandchildren are asking:

Will anything be left of Ventura for us?

Let's plan for their future too!

​1) Degrading and depleting the environmental system, over time, can not be considered sustainable;

2) There are natural limits to growth;

3) Limits are dictated by the environment, and thus human action must adhere to the carrying capacity of the earth's natural systems;

4) Because systems - environmental, social and economic - are nested systems, actions must be based on system's thinking which accounts for multi-level impacts (and the influences that generate impacts).

Save Our Water Ventura (SOWV)

is for long term environmental sustainability.


The society and the economy

can only survive

in a healthy environment.


Activities of the society and the economy should occur within the

limits of the greater environmental system and improve -not weaken - its quality.