create a

more secure


We are

exhausting our

local available




For current residents

​and businesses.

AND for our grandkids.

Click here to start. watching a film about the Good Stewards of Ventura, the city's current residents.

This two minute film won

the Ventura Vision Award

on March 24, 2016 at

Ventura's International

Short Film Contest..

Achieving Real Sustainability

The Grandchildren are asking:

Will anything be left of Ventura for us?

Let's plan for their future too!


​1) Degrading and depleting the environmental system, over time, can not be considered sustainable;

2) There are natural limits to growth;

3) Limits are dictated by the environment, and thus human action must adhere to the carrying capacity of the earth's natural systems;

4) Because systems - environmental, social and economic - are nested systems, actions must be based on system's thinking which accounts for multi-level impacts (and the influences that generate impacts).

29 November 2021

SOWV sponsored a new entity.



Save Our Water Ventura (SOWV)

is for long term environmental sustainability.


The society and the economy

can only survive

in a healthy environment.


Activities of the society and the economy should occur within the

limits of the greater environmental system and improve -not weaken - its quality.